Brunida Kaso | Professional Photographer
Photography, video and editing services. A team of professionals that specializes in weddings, events and portraits. Based in Toronto, Canada and available to travel. Great editing skills for beautiful and detailed work, customized photobooks, excellent customer service and awesome packages.
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Welcome to Brunida Kaso Photography web page

We are professional photographers that specialize in weddings, events, portraits, photoshoots, family sessions and more. We do great wedding videos and trailers and are excellent in post editing. We  produce outstanding photobooks and other printed materials.

Make sure to check out the photography page and thanks for stopping by!




  • Gold Package

  • $5,000
    • Complimentary Photoshoot prior to the wedding (engagement photoshoot) OR after the wedding (trash the dress photoshoot)
    • All Day Photography Service Coverage
    • Two Photographers (interchanging)
    • Photo Editing
    • 500+ Photographs
    • Large Customized Photobook (photo album)
    • USB with high resolution photographs

  • Silver Package

  • $3,500
    • Up to 10 hrs of  Photography Service Coverage
    • Two Photographers (interchanging)
    • Photo Editing
    • 300+ Photographs
    • Medium Customized Photobook (photo album)
    • USB with high resolution photographs

  • Plain Package

  • $2,500
    • Up to 8 hrs of  Photography Service Coverage
    • Some Photo Editing
    • 200+ Photographs
    • USB with high resolution photographs

  • Basic Package

  • $1,000
  • Up to 3 hours of Photography Service Coverage

    Some Photo Editing


Packages are negotiable and subject to change upon discussion, to best fit your needs. Contact us for a quote.


  • Main Package

  • $3,500
    • Long Version Video
    • Trailer
    • Two or more videographers interchanging


Price for videography package varies on the hours of service and the number of videographers. To find the package that serves you better,  contact us.